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York County Magisterial District Court Judges and Addresses

If you've been charged with a criminal offense in York County, your case will be automatically scheduled for Preliminary Hearing in one of the Magisterial District Courts below. The information contained on this page was taken directly from the County website and is current as of April 2022.


Magisterial District Judge Thomas L. Harteis


Physical Address
1281 E Princess Street
York PA 17403
Phone: (717) 771-4787
Fax: (717) 771-4785

Covering: York City 7th and 12th wards


Magisterial District Judge James H. Morgan


Physical Address
1215 Roosevelt Ave
York PA 17403
Phone: (717) 771-4792
Fax: (717) 771-4791

Covering: York City 11th, 13th and 14th wards.


Magisterial District Judge, Michael R. Gessner


Physical Address
203 Dart Drive
Hanover PA 17331
Phone: (717) 632-4565
Fax: (717) 632-0373

Covering: Hanover


Magisterial District Judge, Adrian Boxley


Physical Address 
232 S George St
York PA 17404
Phone: (717) 771-4799
Fax: (717) 771-4797

Covering: York City 1st, 6th, 8th and 15th wards


Magisterial District Judge Joel N. Toluba, Esquire


Physical Address
745 W Mason Ave
York PA 17404
Phone: (717) 771-4796
Fax: (717) 771-9538

Covering: York City 5th and 9th wards

Magisterial District Judge Barry L. Bloss, Jr.


Physical Address 
3568 Concord Rd
York PA 17402
Phone: (717) 840-7233
Fax: (717) 840-7200

Covering: Springettsbury Township


Magisterial District Judge Scott E. Laird


Physical Address
2756 A South Queen Street
Dallastown, PA 17313
Phone: (717) 747-5100
Fax: (717) 747-5103

Covering: Dallastown, York Township and Yoe.


Magisterial District Judge Tobin L. Zech


Physical Address
390 East Berlin Road
York, PA 17408
Phone: (717) 793-5200
Fax: (717) 793-5225

Covering: West Manchester Township

Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey L. Oberdorf


Physical Address 
3202 Farmtrail Road
York, PA 17406
Phone: (717) 767-5700
Fax: (717) 767-5702

Covering: Manchester


Magisterial District Judge Jennifer JP Clancy, Esquire


Physical Address 
1410 Sixth Avenue
York, PA 17403
Phone: (717) 845-5508
Fax: (717) 854-5537
Covering:  Spring Garden Township, North York Borough and West York Borough

Magisterial District Judge John H. Fishel


Physical Address 
2997 Cape Horn Road
Red Lion, Pa. 17356
Phone: (717) 244-4002
Fax: (717) 246-1533
Covering: Windsor, Lower Windsor and Chanceford Townships and the Boroughs of Red Lion, East Prospect, Windsor, Felton and Yorkana

Magisterial District Judge Laura S. Manifold, Esquire

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0319-2-05

Physical Address 
72 N. Main Street, Suite 2
Stewartstown, PA 17363
Phone: (717) 993-6721
Fax: (717) 993-9648
Covering: Fawn, Hopewell, Lower Chanceford, Delta, Peach Bottom, North Hopewell, East Hopewell, Cross Roads, Fawn Grove, Stewartstown, and Winterstown.  Also serving 83 Northbound from Maryland line to Rt. 30 (Mile Marker 21)

Magisterial District Judge Lindy L. Sweeney

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0419-2-05

Physical Address 
165 Fairview Court
New Freedom, PA 17349
Phone: (717) 227-0688
Fax: (717) 235-3582
Covering: Shrewsbury and Springfield, and the boroughs Glen Rock, Jacobus, Loganville, New Freedom, Railroad, Shrewsbury, I83 SB Route 30 to Maryland Line and business loop.

Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey A. Sneeringer

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0519-3-0419-2-05

Physical Address 
20 Wayne Avenue
Suite 2
Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: (717) 632-0618
Fax: (717) 632-1418
Covering: West Manheim and Penn Townships.

Magisterial District Judge Thomas J. Reilly

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0619-3-0519-3-0419-2-05

Physical Address 
4824 Walters Hatchery Road
Spring Grove, PA 17362
Phone: (717) 225-3301
Fax: (717) 225-3307
Covering:  Jefferson, Seven Valleys, Spring Grove, York New Salem Boroughs, Codorus, Heidelberg, Jackson, Manheim, North Codorus and Paradise Townships.

Magisterial District Judge David C. Eshbach

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0719-3-0619-3-0519-3-0419-2-05

Physical Address 
2990 Grenway Road
Dover, PA 17315
Phone: (717) 767-5708
Fax: (717) 767-5720
Covering: Dover Borough, Conewago and Dover Townships.

Magisterial District Judge Joseph E. Spadaccino

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-0919-2-05

Physical Address 
700 Yorktown Road
Lewisberry, PA 17339
Phone: (717) 938-2523
Fax: (717) 938-4092
Covering: Goldsboro, Lewisberry, York Haven Boroughs, Fairview and Newberry Townships.

Magisterial District Judge Jason C. Loper

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-1019-3-0919-2-05

Physical Address 
126 West Harrisburg Street
Suite 200
P. O. Box 415
 PA 17019
Phone: (717) 432-3618
Fax: (717) 432-7695
Covering: Dillsburg, Franklintown, Wellsville Boroughs, Carroll, Franklin, Monaghan, Warrington, Washington Townships. Also Serving 83 North & Southbound Lanes, North of Exit 28 to York/Cumberland County Line.

Magisterial District Judge Robert E. Eckenrode

DISTRICT COURT 19-3-1119-2-05

Physical Address 
202 Rosedale Drive
Manchester, Pa. 17345
Phone: (717) 266-6891
Fax: (717) 266-6895
Covering: Dillsburg, Franklintown, Wellsville Boroughs, Carroll, Franklin, Monaghan, Warrington, Washington Townships. Also Serving 83 North & Southbound Lanes, North of Exit 28 to York/Cumberland County Line.

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