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Traffic Citations – Reduce or Eliminate Your Points

Moving violations result in points on your license which could affect insurance premiums and possibly result in license suspension.

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Should I fight the ticket?

It is almost always beneficial to plead “not guilty” and go to court. An overwhelming majority of the hundreds of traffic cases that I have handled resulted in a negotiation to a lesser offense which reduced the points assessed to the client's license. Most of my cases result in a zero point offense or a non-moving violation. If you have not already done so, you should follow the directions on the citation and enter a plea of “not guilty” and make a collateral payment. You will then receive a notice of the court hearing in the mail where you will have to appear before the local District Justice.

How will a moving violation affect my insurance?

Depending on the type of the citation, points could be assessed to your license. Your insurance company typically checks your driving record each year that you renew and points could lead to an increase in your premium or perhaps even cancellation of your insurance. Going to court can result in the points being reduced, and if the citation is reduced to zero points, your insurance rates should not increase as a result.

How many points are needed before my license is suspended?

The law says that the first time a driver goes over 6 points, the written test must be retaken and passed. Once passed, points will be decreased to 5 and if another ticket is received within the next year, the motorist shall be suspended for a minimum of 15 days.

How long do points stay on my record?

If points are assessed to your license, every year that you go without a ticket 3 points will be subtracted off of your driving record.

Do I really need a lawyer?

It is always beneficial to have a lawyer go to court and fight for your rights. In order to get the best result in a traffic citation case, your attorney must have a good relationship with the police officer who pulled you over, as the police officer has sole discretion to reduce the points on your ticket. As a former Assistant District Attorney, I have dealt with hundreds of police officers in thousands of court cases with whom I continue to maintain an excellent relationship.

Why is it so important to retain a local attorney?

As a defense attorney, it order to get the best results, you must have a good relationship with the police and the judges. Over the past 20+ years in practice I have worked with hundreds of local police officers, both as a DA and a Defense Attorney. My relationship with the police has enabled me to maintain a 99% success rate in reducing points on moving violations which I why I am able to offer your money back if we are unable to help you reduce your points.

(Source: client reviews)

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