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Once you've been arrested for drunk driving, you must contact an experienced and dedicated DUI attorney. The stakes couldn't be higher.  A DUI conviction can jeopardize everything from your license to drive to your insurance rates – even your professional license.

The sooner you speak with an experienced attorney who knows exactly how to handle these cases, the sooner your case can be examined and your defense can be planned. Attorney Quinlan is solely dedicated to providing aggressive and comprehensive defense to individuals throughout Cumberland, York and Dauphin Counties who have been charged with drunk driving. He focuses on drunk driving defense cases.

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Nobody wants or expects to be pulled over and arrested for a DUI. Despite the stress of the situation, remember you have rights. You have a legal right to speak with an attorney and it is in your best interests to exercise that right as soon as possible. Speaking with a Harrisburg DUI attorney allows you to get the counsel that you need to ensure that you protect your rights and freedom. Everyone knows a DUI conviction can be potentially devastating, especially if you have prior drunk driving-related convictions on your record. Of course the stakes get higher with a second, third or fourth DUI and will have a tremendous negative impacts on various areas of your life, due to the harsher penalties enforced for multiple DUI convictions. An experienced and knowledgeable legal professional will counsel you as to whether to challenge DUI testing and evidence, greatly increase your chances of avoiding negative outcomes.

When you are looking for a DUI attorney, it is important to keep in mind experience, training and success record. Harrisburg DUI attorney Quinlan is fully prepared to utilize his 12 years experience in the area of DUI defense and the practice of law in order to give you the best chance at success. Your driving privileges and rights are important to you as they impact your ability to earn a living, they should be equally important to your attorney. Mr. Quinlan understands the ins and outs of the DUI court process and uses this experience to protect his clients' licenses while helping them avoid jail time, fines and even professional licensure consequences.

Each DUI case presents different challenges. Mr. Quinlan believes in approaching each case as its own unique situation. He'll work with you to evaluate your case and craft your custom defense. Your needs and concerns should be important to your attorney and that is why he'll work closely with each and every client to ensure that each case is treated with the deliberation, dedication and respect that it deserves.

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